SAN FRANCISCO - Blatant public bondage, punishment, erotic humiliation and explicit sex will be showcased in, the new site, which is set to launch Oct. 1.

Helmed by director Princess Donna, features the veteran domme displaying bound and submissive women in public and presenting them to be viewed, felt and fondled by passing strangers, and fucked by male performers.

"The site explores the shame and humiliation a girl feels when she is tied up, exposed and fucked in a public setting," said Donna. "It'll appeal to both the voyeur and the exhibitionist. It's totally hot, totally real, and unbelievably fun to shoot."

A sneak preview, currently available through as well as at, gives users a taste of what they can expect from the site. Shot in Europe this summer, the scorching public humiliation scene features French newcomer Cecilia Vega tied to a park bench, drinking from a dog dish on the sidewalk, leashed and bound while flashing for cell phone photos and more. Steve Holmes also joins in the scene, receiving a blowjob from Vega on the street and fucking her aboard a graffiti-covered city train while people stop and stare. will feature a wide variety of outdoor European locations as well as indoor episodes set in nightclubs and semi-private parties where female submissives find themselves sexually used and humiliated in front of invited audiences. A new update will be added each week, with 30-60 minutes of video and dozens of accompanying photos.

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