Kimberly Kane Debuts as Domme on

SAN FRANCISCO - Kimberly Kane, an AVN Media Network award-winning performer, enjoys her first time dominating a man this week on the Men in Pain website.

Kane will lay into enthusiastic "bottom" Wolf Hudson with an array of slapping, spanking, spitting and strap-on techniques, culminating in rough sex and a vibrator-driven orgasm.

The adult director and performer used her own brand of feminine wiles in a uniquely sexual brand of domination for this shoot.

"A lot of porn is really rough with the girls," said Kane. "That's what I'm kind of known for -- being able to get a good scene out of a girl by being really intense. However, guys can take a whole lot more."

Site director James Mogul described Kane's domination style as "unapologetic sadism and raw sex appeal."

"It was a little different for Men in Pain, but it was driven -- I believe -- just by pure sexual energy," Mogul said. "It was really hot."

A veteran of around 200 adult movies, Kane has since directed Triple Ecstasy and Morphine for Vivid-Alt.

Kane mentioned she'd prepared for her first scene dominating a man by studying books on the topic, but touts her experience as a bottom as invaluable.

"My favorite part was taking what I know as a submissive and bringing it to topping," she said. "I also like how [Hudson] liked everything that I'm doing - I'm not torturing someone; they want to be here and they want me to do these things. That's the most important thing to me -- the person I'm with is enjoying themselves, too."

Hudson said his scene with Kane was awesome and that she did an incredible job.

"She was very aware of my body," he said, adding that his favorite part of the experience was when Kane brought him to orgasm with the formidable Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator.

"I was just doing what I do to girls," Kane joked.

Kane's femdom scene with Hudson is currently headlining

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