Kick Ass Pictures to Launch New Foot Fetish Site

LAS VEGAS – Mark Kulkis, CEO of Kick Ass Pictures, has long been known for his innovative PR stunts, but he’s also equally well-known and respected for his work as a shooter under the name of Mark Archer. While he hasn’t operated a camera for some time now, Kulkis has announced that Archer’s back.

Kulkis was adamant that his company’s AEE appearance be low-key this year . “There will be no publicity stunts this year,” he said.

However, Kulkis has big plans for his new website. He told,  “Our big thing this year is the launch of our new website,”

Kulkis has big plans for the site and some lofty goals. He explained, “It’s all new material. And Mark Archer is back shooting. There will be new scenes every day. The goal is to become the number one foot fetish site on the Internet.”

Given Kulkis’s past record as a marketing man and as a shooter, the site already holds lots of promise. And lots of women’s feet too.