Kevin Blatt Featured on 'Dr. Phil'

Producer Kevin Blatt (One Night in Paris) will be a guest on the Dr. Phil show this afternoon as part of a discussion on the country's obsession with fame. Blatt is part of a panel that includes American Cannibal filmmakers Perry Grebin and Michael Nigro, Sam from NBC's The Apprentice, MySpace model-wannabe Somaya, and Brian, a twenty two year old virgin who hopes to lose his virginity on Blatt's reality show project, Virgin Territory.

"It's all about what people are willing to do for 15 minutes of fame," said Blatt. "With the advent of viral marketing and YouTube and MySpace, we discuss how easy it is to get your 15 minutes of fame and how starved for attention some of these people are."

Despite exchanging heated words during the Dr. Phil taping with the directors of American Cannibal, a documentary on the production of a fake reality show in which Blatt is featured, Blatt was pleased with his appearance.

"Everyone thought Dr. Phil would eat me alive," said Blatt. "But, Dr. Phil liked me and, at one point, leaned over during a commercial break and said, 'Kevin, I just want you to know that my wife, Robin, and I watched the movie and we enjoyed it thoroughly."

Blatt was also excited with the show's discussion of his upcoming reality series, Virgin Territory.

"The studio audience was really interested in my show," said Blatt. "It's going to be big. The only problem I have is all these networks are throwing money at me, but it isn't the money I want. They look at me like I'm crazy. This is incredible money. I'm like 'look, man, I can do this online and make 10 times the money you're throwing out. So, that's my feeling right now. Do I want to have my legacy be the Paris Hilton sex tape guy? Or, the American Cannibal guy? Or, do I want to be the king of IP television and launch the first show that people watch online? I want to be a visionary."

The Dr. Phil Show, featuring Kevin Blatt, airs today at 4 p.m.