Kendra Sunderland Auditions To Become 'Naked News' Anchor

PORTLAND, OR—Kendra Sunderland, the former Oregon State student who stripped down to her skivvies and masturbated at her school library in order to stream the footage live online, is busy preparing for her upcoming court date. Sunderland, who was arrested in January and charged with public indecency, will face the judge who’ll determine her fate next Tuesday, April 28. While most people facing criminal prosecution would perhaps be more focused on meeting with attorneys and building their defense, Sunderland has wasted no time trying to further her career as a professional porn star instead.

The 19-year-old, whose sexy 17-minute video has already scored more than 4 million views, recently flew to Toronto and auditioned to become the newest anchor for The Naked News. The blonde beauty, who earned the nickname "Library Girl," is a natural fit for the 15-year-old news network, according to COO Sam Rakowski. "In addition to being easy on the eyes, Sunderland's proven she's also an academic type. Brains plus beauty are the perfect formula for delivering the (naked) news," he said.

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