Keith Olbermann Hearts Allison Vivas

NEW YORK—Tuesday night, on Countdown with Keith Olbermann, the left-leaning newsman took another swipe at former House Speaker Newt Gingrich when he named Pink Visual Chief Executive Officer Allison Vivas to his list of "Best Persons in the World."

Olbermann, who never misses an opportunity to stick it to a republican, previously had reported on the recent Keystone Kops-like episode in which Gingrich’s D.C.-based political action committee mistakenly awarded Vivas its Entrepreneur of the Year title, complete with private D.C. dinner with the man himself. Once the PAC realized Vivas runs a successful adult entertainment company, the invite quickly was rescinded...but not before the media—Olbermann included—caught wind.

Pink Visual, seeing an opportunity that simply could not go to waste, last week awarded Gingrich its own award, naming him Family Values Porn Fan of the Year. That accolade earned Vivas Olbermann's accolade.

“I sat down with the executive team here and created a special honor to bestow upon Newt: “Family Values Porn Fan of the Year 2009,” Vivas told the Washington City Paper. “We worked on the plaque design, an event schedule, a notification to fax to his office—and of course, a letter we’ll send rescinding the offer after he receives it.”

In the spirit of giving, AVN would like to give Olbermann an honorary Porn Coverage Appreciation Award for bestowing recognition upon Vivas, who gave an award to Gingrich, who gave an award to Vivas—sort of.

Now can we all just get back to work?