Karups Network Makes the Move to NATS

MORGANVILLE, N.J.—Now marking its 20th year, EENT, Inc.—better knowns as the Karups Network—is going in a new direction to manage the growing program. Leaders at EENT decided it was time to look for an alternative, and after speaking with John M. from Too Much Media and evaluating how NATS could be used to manage the network of paysites in the future, they decided to move forward with the switch.

“Conversations like these take time. When you’re successful in your business model, there is sometimes hesitation from an organizational perspective in making large moves such as switching your management platforms,” said John M, Too Much Media’s director of sales and marketing.

“My role allows me to analyze the requirements for each perspective client and provide them with insightful information so they can make an informed decision best for their business,” John explained. “In the case of Karups, they wanted to evaluate their sales data in more detail, manage their sites as efficiently as possible and provide a better affiliate program. NATS, being a complete paysite management system, was the obvious choice and I’m happy to see it benefiting the Karups team immediately.”

Now, after a couple of months of operating on the NATS platform, the move is paying off for the team at Karups, said Brent of EENT, Inc. "In December of 2017, XXXRewards made the switch over to NATS from MPA3. Since that time, we have seen a spike in not only our own sales for Karups and Boyfun, but also better tracking of sales for the affiliates. Many affiliates have emailed us about their increases in revenue and appreciated how seamless our switch was for them.”

Brent added, “Internally, the move has been great, as it has given us better reporting data which we have been putting to good use. In addition, the flexibility of the NATS system has allowed us to do a lot of A/B testing, which we have longed for. 2018 is shaping up to be a big year of growth for us and our partners."

Visit the Karups network at Karups.com. To find out about the affiliate network, go to XXXRewards.com.

For more information on NATS, email John M: @ [email protected]