Mayor Resigns After Emailing Nude Pics to Cop in Bingo Parlor

TONGANOXIE, Kan.—Only in Kansas would the mayor resign after being accused of sending emails containing nude photos of women to a police officer at a bingo parlor. The headline of the local Fox News channel uses the term “pornography shake up,” but we know porn when we see it, and merely nude images isn’t it.

But council member Paula Cook, who just happens to be the sister of Danny Ruff, the officer who received the emails, was also in the Olathe bingo parlor when the email arrived, and according to Fox, “She said she considered the photos hard-core pornography.”

Thus was sealed the fate of Mayor Mike Vestal. It might have gone differently for Vestal if it was the first time, but it wasn’t. This was the second time in three years he had sent inappropriate emails from his work computer, said Fox. There was no mention of the exact nature of the first infraction.

It will be interesting to see if Councilmember Cook runs for mayor of Tonganoxie any time soon.