Juliland Launches Affiliate Program

LOS ANGELES - After 18 months of building their partnership site Juliland, Juli Ashton and Richard Avery have launched the Juliland Cash affiliate program.


"Last year, Richard Avery and I set out to create a popular portal for high-end adult fashion photography on the web, and I think we have achieved that goal," said Ashton, the site's namesake.


Avery said launching an affiliate program was the next step.


"It's time to let people know we've arrived [and let them know] what we're all about, and we believe a thriving affiliate program is the best way to achieve that goal," he said.


Juliland Cash pays 50 percent for the life of each new subscriber membership. The program launched with 40 hosted photo galleries, 60 hosted videos, "photo of the day" functionality and custom banners.


In the coming months, the program will continue adding promotional content and begin offering affiliate incentives.