Joe Brandi Launches Online Adult News Channel

BURBANK, Calif. - Former KSEX Vice President Joe Brandi has launched TANC TV & Radio, an online adult news channel.


The website currently offers radio 24/7 and will add video feeds five nights a week beginning Feb. 1.


Among the site's features will be talk from top adult entertainers and mainstream performers, music videos, sports and comedy. The site's TV and radio content will be streamed online for free.


"I am very excited about TANC and have a lot planned for 2008," Brandi said. "TANC will be a major presence in not only the adult industry, but mainstream, as well, and all fans will be able to watch and listen to the TANC for free 24 hours a day."


Brandi said he will be joined by DJs from Heat Party Radio and from other stations he has worked with.


"The lineup of DJs and shows will be on the website shortly," he said. "TANC Radio is live now, with shows including ‘From the Ville,' ‘Lunatic Radio,' ‘The Dick Cochran Show,' ‘The MoFo Show,' ‘Comedy Classics,' ‘What's Goin' On,' ‘Check Your Pulse' and more."


TANC TV shows will air live 6-8 hours a night, five nights a week, and special events will be held on weekends. The channel will include nudity, but there will be no hardcore content, Brandi said.


"People can watch porn all day long on the computer if they want, but this is not what TANC is about," he said. "With the structure we have, we can bring in high-end sponsors and have the ability to market this in the mainstream world. Because it's adult-oriented does not mean it has to be hardcore and sleazy."


TANC also will feature a community with a military theme; a member can build an "army" with "soldiers," as opposed to having "friends."


"It will look the same as most but be more of an online military game that I have created," Brandi said. "Members will win cash and prizes for being active, watching and listening to TANC. As you move up the ranks, members will gain points to win monthly prizes."


For more information about advertising, special pre-launch advertising and promotions, contact Joe Brandi at [email protected].