Jessica Jaymes, Partners Launch,

LOS ANGELES—Adult performer Jessica Jaymes and her partners have launched and, two full-service affiliate programs.

In addition to Jaymes (, Spizcash also represents performers Regan Reese (, Crista Moore ( and Capri Cavalli ( The company most recently signed Tanya James for a new site.

Jaymes said that her nearly 10 years of adult experience have prepared her for this move.

"Knowing all of the inner-workings and what it takes to become a success in this industry is my forte,” Jaymes said. “Without proper treatment, respect, and honesty neither the talent nor the company can reach its full potential. I strive to reach that goal and that’s why my partners and I have founded, along with its sister affiliate, which 100 percent caters to the talent and performers.” 

Nadir Maraschin, an experienced videographer, photographer and editor, is one of the partners in Spizoo, Inc.

"We are very excited to have our affiliate program up and running," Maraschin said. "It's time to let people know we've arrived and what we're all about, and we believe a thriving affiliate program is the best way to achieve that goal.

“We use NATS affiliate software so we can offer the latest technology and the best designs available anywhere. Our goal is to generate more money for our affiliates than anyone else. We've been developing our solution for over a year and it is now ready for you.”

Maraschi, who does research and graphic development for Spizcash, and his partner Kirk, who does the programming, have over a decade of experience in the online business. They have a team of designers in Colombia.

“My partners and I chose to focus on already established adult entertainers and their single sites because the market is so saturated with porn, so we attack the fan base of that particular porn star,” he said. “We help the talent to build their brand name ... I’ve seen and heard too many times, ‘my webmaster has stolen from me, etc.’ We offer in my opinion the best interactive personal sites in the business.”

He said that offers its affiliates exclusive content, unique sites to promote, promotional tools, free hosted galleries and downloadable FLV promo material. The Spizcash stars also host weekly webcam shows. 

 Kirk remarked, “The recipe to success in this industry is to offer something different than the thousands of competitors online. The market is extremely saturated with adult websites that offer content that all looks the same. We offer unique content from stars of the industry because it is easier to sell to the fans of a star than it is to convince a random person to sign up for a regular adult site."

He added, "Customers must be retained once acquired in order to succeed in the long term, and there has to be a lot of tools available for promotion in order to avoid too much repetition. We constantly strive to excel at all of these elements at”