Jason Sechrest Appointed PR Director for KSEX

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - KSEX.com porn jockey Jason Sechrest has been made director of public relations for the recently reshuffled and relocated adult internet broadcasting station.

Also known for his website JasonCurious.com, Sechrest told AVN that in taking on KSEX as a new PR client through his company DV8 Public Relations, his first order of business has been to apologize for recent events that have ruffled a few adult industry feathers.

"[I'm] not apologizing on behalf of any particular person or particular people, or apologizing to any particular person or any particular people," Sechrest said. "It's just that we made a huge, huge transition in the last month, and that transition included a lot of changes in upper management. And when that happens, there are some people who can sometimes get offended in the interim, and that definitely happened.

"I just wanted to make sure that everyone understood that we know it's been a rough month for everyone," he went on, "and we're really looking forward to what's ahead. The bottom line, no matter how you slice it, is the numbers are showing everywhere; on every search engine, on every ranking, on our own numbers, no matter what you're looking at, KSEX is doing better than they ever have in their entire history right now. And it would be silly to not have the public image of the company matching the kind of numbers that we're getting right now. We're doing incredibly well."

Sechrest noted that in the future, KSEX plans to focus more on the video aspect of its broadcasting in hopes of securing pay-per-view deals.

"We'll always have the audio feed available for free to anyone who wants to listen to it at KSEX.com," Sechrest explained, "but the truth is that we've been more of an internet television station than a radio station for a very long time, and the masterful editing that they do live at KSEX is second to none. I have always wondered as a host how they've done it, because I will watch in the monitor as I'm doing the show, and it looks like I'm watching Letterman. We've just been incredibly lucky with a really talented staff of technicians and camera people who really know their shit. And we're very, very grateful for them, we really are, 'cause you know, it's not like they're making Letterman money."

Sechrest's own KSEX show, "The Jason Sechrest Show," airs Mon., Wed. and Fri. from 4-6 p.m.