Jasmin.com Opens Physical Agencies Worldwide

LUXEMBURGJasmin.com, a leader in the field of live-cam websites, announces the launch of a new line of business with the opening of first two physical Jasmin Agencies, one in Columbia and the other in Romania.

The function of the Jasmin Agency is to serve as a hub for the partners and to represent one of the world’s largest adult entertainment companies to the clients. It is thus an additional entry point for potential partners and an important platform to raise awareness about the brand and its core values.

 “We want to show that Jasmin.com isn’t just a virtual platform but also a strong brand with trusted people and quality services. Launching Jasmin.com years ago was a big step for us and launching these new physical locations is today another big step forward. We also appreciate the trust of our two first partners opening the agencies,” explained Gyorgy Gattyan, founder and owner of Jasmin.com.

These first two agencies will be the first representatives for Europe and South America, thus connecting with strategic players across Romania, Germany, Columbia and Ecuador. In Bucharest, Romania, the partner is ProAVC Studios and in Cali, Columbia, the partner is AJ Studios.

“From the beginning, Jasmin.com has been a pioneer, being one of the first websites providing a free video chat feature for its visitors. Our goal is to keep bringing in ideas that create and break trends, and the Jasmin Agency is the latest one in this line. It is not only an effort to have new business opportunities for Jasmin.com, but also to open new doors for the entire industry,” said Laszlo Czero, Managing Director of Jasmin.com.

In the coming months, the plan is to launch one agency in each big city, and at the moment applications have been submitted from all around the world.

“We are still waiting for candidates and the first ones applying will be given the city they do business in. If someone would like to join in, the application should be sent to us as soon as possible. We are mainly looking for people from the adult industry, or for anyone looking to make a good business,” Czero added.

Laszlo Czero will deliver a keynote speech amongst others on this topic on January 19, 2015, beginning at 5 p.m. at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, during the InterNext Expo event.