Jasmin.com, AJ Studios Team Up for LALExpo Cam Industry Event

LUXEMBOURG—Live cam giant Jasmin.com has closed a strategic agreement with AJ Studios, a major live content production company, to cosponsor the 2015 LALExpo Live Cam Event.

The LALExpo will take place in Medellin, Colombia, for the second time, on July 12-14 and is expected to gather roughly 800 to 1.200 attendees. This networking event brings worldwide leaders in entertainment together and opens the doors for the growing adult industry in South America.

“Latin America has many yet undiscovered benefits to offer to the webcam industry. It is a real privilege for us to work with one of the pioneers of the field in Colombia. AJ Studios is highly regarded for the excellence of its content production and the great quality of its performers. Besides, we both have the same philosophy and are true visionaries,” said Laszlo Czero, managing director of Jasmin.com.

AJ Studios has been slowly expanding in South America, opening offices in numerous locations. After six consecutive years of growth, AJ Studios was named Best Cam Studio of the Year at the GFY Awards in Las Vegas early this year.

“This year started in the best way possible for us and the sponsoring partnership we have just signed with Jasmin.com for the LALExpo is another big highlight. To be associated with the webcam world leader is simply exceptional. I also expect this year’s event to draw even more people in due to the increased popularity of our industry,” said Anthony Rivera AJ, vice president at AJ Studios.

Created by AJ Studios, Juan Bustos and Grupo Bedoya, this year's LALExpo is an event that will also feature workshops and networking events for other niches of the adult industry—not just the cam companies.

To find out more about the event, go to LALExpo.com.