JamesDeen.com Offers June Promo for New Members

CYBERSPACE—Performer/director James Deen hopes to grow the membership base of his website JamesDeen.com by offering a $15 discount on any product at JamesDeenStore.com for anyone who signs up for a three-month subscription to the site.

“I just wanted to offer a little something back to the fans that support my site,” Deen explained. “I was watching wresting and I saw that they were doing this promotion with their store and I said ... hey, I got a store. I figured if it is good enough for Hulk Hogan, then it is good enough for me.”

Among the items for sale in that store are his line of sex toys from Doc Johnson, including a polymer replica of the body part that brought Deen his fame. In addition, Deen's shop offers some of his most popular DVDs, posters, clothing and more.

“I am very proud of the fact that my store has such a wide variety of products, from fun Baby Panda T-shirts to sex toys for both men and women along with hardcore DVDs. The only rule for my store is that it has to be a product I support.”

Inside the members area of JamesDeen.com fans will find a plethora of videos and photosets that are constantly updated with goodies for fans. The site has something new loaded five days a week. From feature-style pieces like his Seven Deadly Sins series to single-camera amateur-style footage of Deen hooking up with both industry stars and never-before-seen amateur girls, every day there is something added to delight new and old fans.

JamesDeen.com and JamesDeenStore.com were created to provide a platform for James Deen’s vision of safe, respectful and fun entertainment. “When we sit down at our desks we ask, 'How can we evolve and expand ourselves and translate this goal to our participants?’ We do this by promoting our guiding principals of honesty, respect for boundaries, diversity, education and acceptance. The motto at JamesDeen.com that we try to embody every day is, 'Set the bar, then jump over it.'”

For more on James Deen visit JamesDeenBlog.com or Twitter.com/JamesDeen.