iWantClips Launches Clip Upload Contest For Christmas

LOS ANGELES—We're guessing that the week between Christmas and New Year's is a slow time for uploads to clip sites—so iWantClips, the acclaimed clip site from iWantEmpire, is celebrating the holidays with its "Eight Days of Christmas Contest" for its artists. The contest began December 24 and will continue through December 31.

“In accordance with the holiday spirit, we’ve launched a promotion to champion the amazing artists who share their pleasures with the iWantClips platform," said Jay Phillips, President of iWantEmpire, which operates iWantClips. “We are grateful to everyone for their 2017 contributions, all of which resulted in amazing growth for the brand. We look forward to celebrating more artists and sharing even more abundance in 2018.”

Each artist may enter the contest once a day by uploading a clip. There is no limit to the number of wins, and winners will be chosen at random each day. The contest schedule is as follows:

  • December 26-30—Any artist that uploads a clip will be entered to win $50
  • December 31—The artist with highest selling New Year’s Eve clip will win an iPhone X

All winners will be announced on iWantEmpire’s iWantBlog, via e-mail, and Twitter by Monday, January 8. All prizes will be distributed the second week of January.

For more information about iWantEmpire, visit iWantEmpire.com.