It’s the ‘Beverly Hellbillies’

BURBANK, Calif. – YNOT is pleased to announce that Extreme Associates director Shane Bugbee and his wife, Amy Bugbee, have launched a new blog titled Beverly Hellbillies

The blog will appear exclusively on YNOT and primarily will chronicle the thoughts and adventures of the Bugbees. Occasionally, the Hellbillies also will feature entries from other Extreme Associates staffers.

Although Beverly Hellbillies will tackle such controversial topics as satanic porn and “extreme” content in general, the Bugbees are no strangers to controversy. Both have been involved with the publication of controversial materials and the organization of events that have provoked the ire of mainstream communities.

“When you choose a road like Shane and I have, you have to expect a certain amount of fallout, and we have had our share over the years,” wrote Amy in her first Hellbillies entry. “Much of it, in my opinion, has been completely blown out of proportion, and as much as it’s hard to be objective when you are inside a thing, I also feel this kind of pandemonium is just how the Salem Witch trials happened. Over the years we have had many problems with authorities, corporations, and individuals. Shane seems to bring out an unreasonable amount of disdain from some people and injects fear in the hearts of others.”

For its part, YNOT always has been quick to provide a forum for a wide range of opinions on adult entertainment. YNOT Network President Connor Young sees the new blog as an opportunity to expand the scope of the dialogue on YNOT, which he says is committed to the principles of free speech.

“Darklady approached me with the idea of inviting Shane and Amy to blog on YNOT, and I was very pleased when they accepted the offer,” said Young. “I have always had a lot of respect for those individuals who put their own butts on the line to defend free speech rights in America, and Shane and Amy certainly come from a long history of defending speech—both popular and unpopular. In my opinion, one’s willingness to defend unpopular speech is a direct test of one’s dedication to the very principles of free speech.”