thriXXX Strippers Launches From iStripper, thriXXX

CYBERPACE—iStripper and third have teamed up to launch thriXXX Strippers, a white label of iStripper.

thriXXX Strippers consists of a desktop app featuring real professional models stripping directly on the user’s computer taskbar, without background.

“thriXXX Stripper is a great addition for,” said Tobias, CEO of thriXXX. “It is a unique concept of video inlay that nicely enlarge our offer, adding some real faces to our virtual universe of beauty. We expect to attract a lot of attention with this new concept, and as you know, it's always better to keep our customers occupied within our offer than letting them go to other ones.”

thriXXX Strippers relies on Totem’s proprietary video inlay technology that allows users to play strip shows directly onto computer taskbars, without any background image. Users can set several girls simultaneously on their screen, they can hang and stick them wherever they want, have them in full screen, stripping with a pole, doing swings naked, washing the screen, etc. and all in UHD.

“I expect a lot from this white label,” said Celine from iStripper. “Tobias has been a partner for ages now, our products perfectly match and are very complamentary. Having a white label with thriXXX is a chance for us and a great new level of collaboration for both our companies.”

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