Islandview Domains Announces Rush2Riches Domain Portfolios

GLEN ALLEN, Va. - Islandview Domains, a leading developer of branded domain properties, websites and customized graphic arts content, announced on Tuesday its new Rush2Riches domain portfolios promotion.


Islandview will introduce 15 new domain portfolios each quarter to the rapidly expanding domain development, sales and leasing communities. 


Each Portfolio will contain 150 to 450 premium domain properties, all of which will have four price guidelines established. Each domain property purchased through Islandview comes with its own customized logo and website template graphics, as well as a collection of high quality illustrated graphics focused on the industry or subject matter of the new domain - free of charge.


The purchasing of all domains is processed safely, securely, and quickly through, Islandview's selection for the safest and most reliable money and name transfer agent.


"Like many new industries and markets before it, the domain aftermarket has been dominated in its first stage by speculators, technicians, engineers, and order takers," George P. Riddick III, CEO and founder of Islandview Domains told AVN Online. "We intend to change all of that immediately."


Riddick feels the market has too much potential to move slowly, and it's time for a couple of marketing "thoroughbreds" to enter this race.


"Our Rush2Riches domains are the best in their class," he said. "We have been assembling these new premium domain properties for the past 18 months now, and we think our customers will be very impressed with our creativity and the wide variety of choices we have selected just for them ... and the price."


There are no restrictions surrounding what one can do with their new domain properties.


The 15 new Rush2Riches Portfolios available from Islandview are Adults Only Portfolio and Gambling and Casinos, both available exclusively from Moniker, Snapnames and Oversee on the Moniker website, and Elections 08 Portfolio, Geo - local politics, Beijing Olympics Portfolio, Healthcare Portfolio, Business Portfolio, Gaming Adventures, Housing Market Portfolio, Common Phrases Portfolio, Greenway Portfolio, Race Car Fans Portfolio, Creative Arts Portfolio, Geo- local entertainment and Social Networking.           


For more information on Rush2Riches, a confidential preview of any of the portfolios listed above, or other summertime promotions on domain properties, electronic graphic arts content, or other products and services available from Islandview, contact [email protected].