Is Apple Censoring Content on the iPad?

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—Apple is under fire for reportedly removing erotic-themed titles from the iPad book chart. According to news reports, four titles, including one that had achieved the top spot on the chart’s bestseller list, have mysteriously disappeared, with nary an explanation from Apple

Blonde and Wet, the Complete Story by prolific Hull born author Carl East held the iBooks top spot on Monday morning, while similar cut price tales of lust took the second and seventh positions in the most popular downloads chart,” reported Network World. “According to the author, Blonde and Wet, the Complete Story is the story of Cherry's ‘complete sexual awakening’ and ‘an erotic adventure like no other,’ which is ‘extremely graphic and some might say it's porn.’”

All of this apparently happened Monday. In the morning, Blonde and Wet was on the list; by noon, it was gone. The Telegraph further reports that Apple has declined to comment on the missing novellas.

“Book chart analysts said it was unlikely that all the erotic titles could have dropped out of the list at the same moment without being deliberately removed,” said the paper.

Apple founder Steve Jobs has been an outspoken critic of pornography.