iPorn Launches Mobile Service

BEVERLY HILLS - iPorn - designed to be a comprehensive, online adult destination - has launched its mobile service, allowing subscribers to access content from a variety of mobile devices.

Surfers can either stream the content to an iPod, iPhonem Blackberry or other video-capable device for free, or access the content by typing iPorn.com into a mobile browser.

iPorn Mobile has been optimized to minimize buffering time and deliver clear video. Additionally, iPorn will launch a broadband site later this month to allow for viewing and downloading of content on a Mac or PC, and then sync the content to a mobile device.

"The picture clarity is amazing," said Francis Koenig, CEO of AdultVest Inc., which acquired iPorn in April 2008. "I've actually plugged my iPhone right into a 52-inch television set to watch an entire movie stream off my phone's 3G streaming connection. I was surprised by how good it looked. When you actually download and save a movie from our iPorn.com Broadband site, the picture quality goes way up. It plays back just like a DVD. My iPod holds about 300 high-resolution iPorn movies, and I don't need an Internet connection to access them. It's a lot easier to hide an iPod than it is to hide a library of 300 porno movies, and it's easy to take it with you where ever you go. I think people will find this incredibly convenient."

For more information, visit iPorn.com.