iPhones Users Can Now Blow With the Release of ‘iBlushBabes’

CHELTENHAM, England—Seeing a pretty girl’s skirt blown up to reveal her sexy knickers is a hugely popular male fantasy not just in the United Kingdom but around the world, at least as far as Wow Zoom Publishing is concerned. In fact, the U.K.-based company is absolutely counting on upskirt interest with the release of its new iBlushBabes iPhone app.

Developed for Wow Zoom by Smaga Bakery, iBlushBabes lets a person literally blow under a gorgeous glamour model’s skirt. The harder they blow into their phone, the more her skirt flies into the air and the more embarrassed she becomes. 

iBlushBabes features real video clips of well-known U.K. glamour models, such as Carla Brown and Hayley-Marie Coppin, with lots of new models on the way. Users also can touch, swipe and shake the models to see how they react, and developers say there are some additional naughty cheats for users to discover.

“You will soon see offices, bars and clubs full of men blowing their iPhones,” Wow Zoom Publishing Director Carla Brown said. “This will be the latest app craze. It’s already started in the U.K. and news travels fast.  But please do not try to blow your iPhone walking or driving, as this could be distracting and dangerous.”

Priced at 99 cents, a full list of iBlushBabes features together with further information can be found on the apps website at www.iblushbabes.com.