iPhone Widget Added to TheSword.com

SAN FRANCISCO - The Sword, an online magazine covering gay culture and the gay adult industry from a consumer viewpoint, has added an iPhone widget designed to keep users in the loop at all times. 

The widget features a redesigned version of the site that allows users to read the top 20 headlines and search for their favorite articles. 

Tim Valenti, CEO of Naked Sword and publisher of The Sword, said he is "happy that we can entertain people, even when they're away from their laptops." 

"We're responding to increased consumer demand," he said. "It's perfect when you're sitting in a bar or waiting in line at Coffee Bean. We're delivering icebreakers and event information right to you."  

The Sword, which was launched in January, features breaking news, live blogging at events such as the GAYVN Awards, original productions and interviews. 

The widget can be added to an iPhone's home screen at TheSword.com/iPhone.