iP4Play Shuts Down

STUDIO CITY, Calif.—Nine months after its debut, iP4Play, the first adult-related service to utilize the FaceTime application embedded in the smartphone, has closed its doors and laid-off 40 employees, according to CEO Travis Falstead.

When asked during a short interview posted today to Cult of Mac what caused the sudden closure, which took place last week, Falstead said the product was ahead of its time and unable to compete with other technologies.

“Lack of FaceTime adoption and competition from webcams, coupled with higher costs to maintain quality talent,” he said, adding, “We were just a little bit ahead of the curve.”

He said anyone else thinking of starting a similar service should wait until FaceTime gains wider adoption.

In response to a question whether all talent had been paid, Falstead replied, “We’re making sure everyone gets paid for their work.”

As of Thursday, the iP4Play website was still online. Falstead said his next project also involves a mobile application.