Introducing Sriracha & Doritos Donuts by James Deen

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif.—Move over, donuts! Get out of the way, cronuts! The man who created the “World's Most Expensive Burrito” and the “Turducken Hotdog” has put his own stamp on America's favorite coffee-break concoction by introducing the Deenut.

Featured on the newest episode of's hit web series, James Deen Loves Food, host, porn star, mainstream actor (and now baker) James Deen deep-fries his unusual take on gourmet donuts.

Creating donuts with flavors like Sriracha, Sour Patch Kid, ice cream, beer (aka the bronut), cookie dough, coffee and even Doritos-inspired Cool Ranch and Nacho cheese-flavored, Deen leaves the traditionally round pastry spinning on its head.

“Donuts make me go nuts,” said Deen.

Sponsored by HotMovies, this episode of James Deen Loves Food takes food porn to the next level.

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