Internext Panelists Break Down Domaining

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - Not only is having a good domain name important, but knowing what to do with it to monetize are keys to succeeding in the domain market.

Those were among the many tips presented by panelists from "The Domain Game" seminar during Internext Summer 2008. The seminar was designed to look at the growing domain market, what buyers and sellers need to be aware of and how to monetize domains.

"When it comes to valuation, you really need to be realistic about what you are selling," said Eric Bernstein, a partner in the law firm of Eric M. Bernstein & Associates, LLC. And as for buying, he said, make sure you are aware of the terms of the deal. Unless agreed upon, buyers do not obtain ownership of domains in perpetuity, he said.

Once you own the domain of your dreams, panelists said, there might be a little work involved to see how it can best make you money.

"You need to move names around, 30 days here, 30 days there," said Sevan Derderian of "Some will do great on Yahoo feeds, others will do great on Google feeds."

The option of parking domains is also something to look into for some domains, noted Sean Moriarty, president of Domain Development Corp.

"For the majority of domains that get type-in traffic, parking them will make the most money," he said.

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