Internext Attendees Learn Marketing Tips

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - Many Internext Summer attendees turned out Friday morning for the "Emerging Marketing Methods" comprehensive panel.

Moderator Farley Cahen, director of licensing for AVN Media Network, led the panel in discussions surrounding organic marketing, offline branding/marketing and direct-to-consumer marketing.

Panelists included industry leaders such as Greg Jones, general manager for live video software producer; Kevin Godbee, owner of Web 3.0 Internet consulting; Harlan Yaffe, co-owner of; and Chris Meija, vice president of easyAd USA, Inc.

The discussion began with Godbee telling the crowd how important search engine optimization is. 

"It is the foundation of a successful marketing campaign," he said. "Unique marketing methods, buying ads, marketing at shows, forging a brand, it all starts with a good SEO."

Yaffe agreed, adding that the key to branding your content and product is to "put your name on everything."

"Generate internal traffic, trading traffic, brand your sites, get your name in front of the right to the consumer," he said. "Maintain a consistent logo and make sure to have a visual presence offline at shows, et cetera."

Additionally, Yaffe stressed employing a multi-tiered, cross-media resonate approach. "Not only should you be sure you brand yourself online, but other avenues such as Internet radio, tradeshow magazines and multimedia keep consumers reminded of your company and its products," he stated. "Don't saturate one portal, try to peak in different sections, which will help you optimize your search engine traffic."

Meija noted that everyone is looking for a return on investment when pertaining to marketing.

"Knowledge in the advertising world equals ROI," he noted. "Consider your ad impressions, ad placement size, physical ad placement, animation and how big the files are. These all factor into the equation when trading ads."

Manufacturing a memorable brand, utilizing blogs and social networking formats, targeting your niche through unique portals, creating dictionary sites of relative content and buying the right kind of traffic were also considered profitable marketing methods with high-end monetizing possibilities.