Innovative Assets Launches Referral Matrix

LOUISIANA - Innovative Assets Inc. has launched its Referral Matrix, which the company describes as "the search engine of adult affiliate programs."


The site allows webmasters to search for sponsors based on their billing or payout methods, selling niches and other services. Also featured are adult-industry news, forums and a sponsor directory, which includes contact information, company news and ratings by members. Each sponsor maintains its own page, which displays the date of its most recent update, and can respond to questions posted by site users.


"I hope to provide a complete resource site that every webmaster, affiliate, site owner, designer and programmer will want to visit at least once a day," Innovative Assets founder and Chief Executive Officer Will76 told AVN Online. "When it is all said and done, I would like the site to be a one-stop shop where people can go for news, new sponsors, domain-name sales, hiring programmers, posting job applications, learning, finding better promotional materials and posting announcements about their company."

Will76 said he plans to add a section in which site users looking for "something specific" can contact companies or individuals offering it.