Inn of Sin Cash Picks Up Amateur Web Girl Susan Reno

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. - Web program Inn of Sin Cash has added veteran amateur Web girl Susan Reno to its family of niche sites. 

"I've seen a lot in my 10-plus years in this business," Reno said. "I've been approached many times, but have resisted all overtures in the past. Inn of Sin Cash is really strong and growing by the day. They do good business, and I couldn't be happier to be aligned with their company." 

Inn of Sin President Arthur Smith said he was interested in getting into the amateur-Web-girl space with someone who had no limitations and could frequently update the site with quality content that would fit the company's brand. 

"That's Susan to a tee," he said. "Susan is a total slut, and there's absolutely nothing she won't do. Gangbangs, orgies, DPs, ATMs, public sex - there's some wild stuff on there." 

Several top male performers, including Justin Slayer, Jean-Claude Baptiste and Boz, cut their teeth with Reno before going pro. 

"There is some serious collectors'-item content in her portfolio," Smith said, adding that Reno still shoots and updates twice a week, unlike girls from many other sites that have vanished from the space. "This fills a void for us in a big way." 

For more information, visit or contact Arthur Smith at [email protected]