Industry Veterans Launch Webmaster Program

REDMOND, Wash. - Industry veterans PersianKitty and Bama have formed, a webmaster program unlike anything the adult community has ever witnessed.

PersianKitty said is a collaboration between many paysites from many different programs, all offered under one roof.

"To the consumer, it allows them to join one paysite, just as they would normally do, and then at the end of the billing cycle choose to remain a member of that paysite or move their membership to a new paysite within our system without having to go through the cancel or sign up process over and over again," she said. "All the while, the webmaster earns their commissions."

Richard Fannin, known throughout the industry as Bama, added, "If you take a look back at the revenue choice options webmasters have had through the years, such as dialers, it wasn't long before problems with customers being improperly billed and other issues significantly reduced the amount of money a webmaster could generate from them - now they're not a viable revenue choice. The same goes with PPS specials through the use of cross-sales. It's only a matter of time before that revenue model goes by the wayside as more and more consumers and companies complain about the improper use of pre-checked join forms. We wanted to offer webmasters a new way of building their revenue base and believe we have the absolute right product at the right time."

Bama also noted that allows webmasters to continue earning revenue after a customer decides to join another paysite.

"Our program addresses that concern and is the perfect solution for webmasters who are interested in building their revenue portfolio from revshare programs," he said. "We expect membership retention to reach unheard of levels as the norm rather than an exception, because with so many paysites to choose from there is no reason for the customer to quit and find a new paysite to join - we have the best paysites in the system and are adding more each month."

Currently, offers more than 150 paysites to promote from programs such as NS Cash, Twistys Cash, Pancho Dog, Gamma Cash, Dream Cash, BosBucks, Guerilla Traffic, HiDef Dollars, Made In Porn, Radical Cash, Revenge Bucks, Rhino Pays, Skin Video, Shanes World Cash and Top Choice Cash. Sites from Max Cash and SluttyDollars are also being added to the program, and more are expected soon.

"Our goal is to have around 30 programs encompassing 500 paysites in the program, and there has been no shortage of programs wanting their sites in the Cartel," PersianKitty said.

A unique feature for webmasters using allows them to earn money from paysites and programs they don't even promote (when the customer moves their membership around) and programs can earn money from webmasters who don't promote their sites without cannibalizing their own webmaster program.

The tours feature zero traffic leaks, cross-sales, or pop-ups, and are wrapped around a heavily modified version of NATS interfaced with their own software for tracking as well as processing provided by CCBill, Epoch, and WTS. Promotional materials are provided by the actual programs participating in the program, and can all be found inside the central AdultCartel interface.

For more information on AdultCartel, or to sign up for the program, visit