IncredibleDollars Launches

NEW YORK - Continuing the summer with more $100 payouts, Incredible Dollars has launched the 100 percent exclusive site will have $100 payouts per sign-up in trials from July 13-15. continues IncredibleDollar's blockbuster business model with horny black female teens, getting initiated into the most exclusive lesbian sorority on campus, Alpha Gamma Lez. Membership to this sorority is by initiation only, where there ebony college hotties must past the tests of strap on dildos, double-sized pussy rockets and all-you-can-eat juicy yam chocolate pussies.

"The new tour we have is one of the best I have ever seen," said The BossXXX, Incredible Dollars spokesman. "All sorts of traffic has converted in beta including lesbian, ethnic, and ebony. Anyone with teen, ebony, or lesbian traffic will definitely love the conversions and $50 PPS (non promo days) on trials everyday of the year."

IncredibleDollars also practices good sound business sense with their partners. With competitive payouts and exclusive affiliate access for direct pulls from their video and picture library, IncredibleDollars makes it easy for their partners to promote their sites.

For more information on the new site, $100 PPS, or any special needs or requests, contact [email protected].