Imparja TV Bans X-Rated Advertising

ALICE SPRINGS, Australia - Departing Imparja TV Chairman Owne Cole said it was a "logical decision" to bar explicit adult advertising based on "problems faced by remote indigenous communities."

Cole added that the broadcaster was making a statement by forfeiting revenue from the XXX ads.

"This is a new issue, and we're making a statement right at this moment," he said. "Now, the effectiveness of whether it's going to stop people from downloading pornography, that's questionable, but nevertheless sometimes you have to take a principle stance, and that's what we've done."

Cole has asked the federal government to get more involved in raising public awareness of the effects of pornography, domestic violence and sexual abuse in communities.

"We're saying that we are prepared to give up income, however we'd like the government to consider that they should be taking a more proactive role rather than just imposing draconian measures on communities," he said.