Giving Away Almost $500,000 to Members

LIMASSOL, Cyprus -, one of the largest live sex webcam sites on the Internet, is ready to pay back its loyal members with some cold, hard cash.

Through a new "Refer A Friend" program, is offering $60,000 to its 13.5 million members for what they already do: refer their friends to the site.

"Having just celebrated our sixth anniversary, not only offers a great deal of content to its members, we also believe that it's important to give back to our loyal customers, by giving them the chance to make money - actually a lot of money - by sharing with their friends," said Carole Wood, spokesperson.

Under the "Refer A Friend" program, the top customer with the most referrals will receive $100,000, and the next 200 clients with referrals with share the remainder of the money.

"It's easy money, and we all love making easy money," Wood said.

To join and read the rules of the program, visit the site here.

The "Refer A Friend" program will run through Dec. 31. Winners will be announced on Jan. 31, 2009.