iGirl Breaks iPhone Content Barrier

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - Meet iGirl, the first adult-leaning application to breach the Apple content barrier for the iPhone.

Created by Resistor Productions Chief Operating Officer Tobias Batton, iGirl was developed by the company's in-house team. 

The application allows a user to control views, angles, close-ups, and even create a bouncing or shaking motion of iGirl's body parts in her photo. She also responds in a variety of language choices with comments such as "Hey, be careful; I'm delicate." Her name, hair color and clothes may also be changed.

Though hardly questionable by adult entertainment standards, iGirl is still a breakthrough as an almost-adult iPhone application.

"Obviously full adult apps will not be approved," Barton told AVN Online. "We are working on some other apps right now that have adult themes, or at least 'counter culture' subject matter. We have done much research on what Apple will approve or not approve. All of our apps will fall within Apple's guidelines, but some will obviously have age limits set by Apple. Our goal is always to respect Apple, their user base, and their rules. So, we were able to pass Apple's review board."

The application can be found in the iPhone store and on iTunes, and already doing well as a download. 

"We are in the top 100 entertainment apps, and climbing the charts daily," Barton told AVN Online. "This app certainly has suggestive themes, but once again, we have studied Apple's policies and aim to respect them with this app and each app we make. For example, there is a very popular app called "iBeer". Obviously, you must be 21 to drink in the United States, but the makers of iBeer made their app to be more of a joke than something to be taken seriously. We built our app along the same lines, which is our theory on why Apple approved it."

Watch the iGirl demo.