HustlerCash Relaunches

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - Affiliate program HustlerCash announced Tuesday that it has relaunched its big-boob niche website BustyBeauties.


The relaunched site features high-quality Flash video streamed at 1,200 kbps. "In-browser" viewing allows members to "jog" back and forth in a video with little or no delay for loading, HustlerCash said.


Downloads and streaming in QuickTime and Windows Media also are available.


BustyBeauties also has been updated with new picture galleries and an expanded video library. Members also have access to the new "Best of Hustler" and "Best of Barely Legal" video galleries.


The site also has a new tour and new promotional tools, including hosted movie galleries featuring Flash video, free sites, branded blogs, RSS feeds and downloadable content.


HustlerCash said it plans to relaunch several other niche websites in the coming months.