Hustler Eliminating DRM

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - HustlerCash will remove Digital Rights Management protection from downloadable files accessible through its member websites.

The decision emulates Apple's recent announcement that it will be removing DRM anti-copying software from its iTunes catalog.

Hustler plans to eliminate all DRM encoding by the end of January and at the same time, will add high-resolution 1200Kpbs Flash streaming to all websites, which include Hustler, Barely Legal, Busty Beauties, Asian Fever  and Hustler Taboo

"If Apple can do it, then obviously, Hustler, with our content, can do it, too, following their lead," LFP Inc. President Michael H. Klein told AVN Online.

"We'd been looking at this option for a while," Klein said. "Obviously, you like to protect your content, but at the same time, you want to offer options and flexibility to your consumers."

Klein told AVN Online some other sites are already DRM-free, so factoring that in along with Apple's decision, it was the right time for Hustler to make the move.

"We just felt the need to be user-friendly and we're trying to make sure we're doing that," he said. "It removes the barrier for some people hesitating to join a site because of the DRM."