Hunter Moore Is Not Quite Done With Your Daughters (and Sons)

CYBERSPACE—The visionary of juvenile vengeance known as Hunter Moore has decided that more hunting is in order. His new website,, is live as a placement page for the moment, with a message included that only reinforces Moore's place in internet history as one of its more aggressively self-perpetuating villains-who-think-they-are-really-victims. One might have thought he'd learned his lesson with, the so-called revenge porn site that brought nothing but grief to all involved, including Moore, who eventually shuttered it after being sued and then pursued by, among others, the FBI... but fame has a funny way of keeping some people invested in the dark side.

Unfortunately, Moore seems to be doubling down on the last venture. His message is reprinted here in full:

My name is Hunter Moore and I created Is Anyone when I was 24 years old. I was broke and sitting on my parents couch in Sacramento, California with -$124 in my bank account. It was for me and my friends to post pictures of girls we were fucking at the time & somehow someone found it and it became what it was. I sold it because i hated what the media turned it into and it could never be what i wanted it to be and always wanted to troll the lame and boring fad that soccer moms love and thats “bullying”. We had too many hackers too much overhead and way too many legal problems. This time I am doing it right. We are going to start off by launching with all the old IAU content and all new content. The submission page has only been up for five full days and we’ve done over 7,000 submission within that time. I am creating something that will question if you will ever want to have kids. I am making something very scary but yet fun. If you remember the old IAU you will have it back but with a mobile APP to go along with it and a very strong social networking site of our community. I hope you are all as excited as i am.

Forgetting for a moment the rags-to-riches bullshit he indulges in, not to mention his astonishingly lame excuses for why he closed, what one latches on to is his intention to "do it right" this time around, his plan to start the site with all the old content, and of course his illiterate goal of "creating something that will question if you will ever want to have kids," though one wonders why anyone would want to be in the same boat as his parents!?

Thing is, Moore is one of those train wrecks who never seems to run out of steam and who seems to attract every crackpot cutie this side of Cleveland. And he has given fair warning to parents far and wide. Hunter Moore is coming for your brood.

Photo: A crazy party photo with Hunter Moore, eyes closed, reaching for the bottle. Courtesy of