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TS starlets Tiffany Starr, Tyra Scott and Kelli Lox have shared their stories on According to that website, “Sex is Back is a sex-positive storytelling campaign gathering video testimonials from people of all genders, orientations and walks of life.”  The site also features stars such as Nina Hartley and Courtney Trouble speaking about issues ranging from stereotypes to masturbation. Starr, Scott and Lox already have some of the most viewed clips on the site, and they hope that their interviews will provoke discussions about healthy sexuality.  

Transsexual performers have continued to gain acceptance and presence in the mainstream adult industry. "We hope that these performers’ presence on Sex is Back, a mainstream education site, will help the men, women and couples who appreciate models such as Kelli Lox, Tiffany Starr and Tyra Scott to be more open and proud," said publicist Wendy Williams, herself a transgender.

Tiffany Starr was enthusiastic about the opportunity to share her story: “I hope that people who watch my clips get more of an insight into me as a person and not just a porn star.”

Sex is Back was created by The Pleasure Chest, an education-focused adult chain that offers free workshops at their Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York locations. Clips of the above-named stars can be found on SexIsBack, and viewers may also leave comments there.

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Pictured, l-r: Tiffany Starr, Kelli Lox, Tyra Scott.