Announces Site Redesign

PHILADELPHIA - Hot Movies for Her, sister site to video-on-demand website Hot Movies, has been redesigned. 

Hot Movies for Her features a newly expanded blog section with increased categorization, improved navigation and more personalization. 

The all-women Hot Movies for Her team aims to create an intuitive site that allows women to easily find female-positive porn in a more personal and friendly environment. 

"After two years of successful growth, we felt it was time to take the site to the next level," said Monica L., aka Venus Vegas, the brains behind Hot Movies for Her. "The new site offers a stronger sense of community, plus we've added specialty theaters that cater to different women's individual interests. If we know one thing, it's that women's wants and desires vary greatly, and already these niche theaters are proving to be extremely popular." 

The site aims to appeal to a woman's biggest sex organ: the brain. 

Sex-culture phenomenon Audacia Ray of and renaissance woman Nica Noelle of Sweetheart Video will continue offering their perspectives on the adult industry in their guest columns. 

"While there are a handful of studios and sites that are well known amongst women, there is still really exciting content available that they are missing," Monica L. said. "Our ability to reach a large female market with our vast catalog of women's sites is what sets us apart. We're not here to judge or dictate what women watch, just to help them find it." 

The site features regular blog updates, including daily movie reviews, sex tips, erotic fiction and interviews with the most influential women in the industry, as well as the addition of their personal blogs. 

Resident accredited "sexpert" "J.D. Bauchery" and self-proclaimed sex nerd "The Porn Librarian" offer tips and keep readers up-to-date on current events related to the adult industry and pop culture. They also offer commentary on hot topics important to women and the latest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues. 

"Miss Behaving," the most recent addition to the Hot Movies for Her team, brings a sense of humor and enthusiasm to the table. 

Hot Movies for Her offers original and exclusive reviews, editorials and blogs, in addition to Hot Movies' catalog of almost 100,000 titles chosen by women. 

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