HotMovies to Offer 'Behind the Green Door' and Other Mitchell Bros. Classics

PHILADELPHIA—In what its reps are calling perhaps its biggest content partnership coup to date, National A-1 Internet on Thursday announced a completed deal with the legendary porn producers the Mitchell Brothers and a launch schedule to exclusively present their titles—comprising five of the greatest classics in the history of adult cinema—on and its other VOD properties.

The five titles—Resurrection of Eve, The Grafenberg Spot, Autobiography of a Flea, Behind the Green Door and Behind the Green Door, the Sequel—were massive adult-theater releases in the 1970s and also contributed to mainstream acceptance of porn as a cinematic art form. These films set new standards for production values and box office, helping to start the long and ongoing journey of adult movies toward the mainstream.

Behind the Green Door is surely one of the best known porn titles ever, along with Deep Throat. Other names and brands may be more familiar to a younger generation of adult fans, but no film had a bigger impact at the time of its release than Green Door, which brought the world of adult films into the limelight, made instant legends of sibling producers Jim and Artie Mitchell, and perhaps most conspicuously launched the crossover career of the late Marilyn Chambers.

“This is an unprecedented opportunity for fans of Marilyn Chambers, the Mitchell Brothers and porn classics in general,” said James Cybert, director of business development for HotMovies. “I have to think this is one of our greatest signings to date, no doubt about it. It pretty much seals the deal. Memo to webmasters who want to promote the best in classic adult movies, you now have only one choice:”

The partnership, Cybert said, was a long time coming but took only days to complete once representatives of both sides really started talking.

“There was just a good feeling all the way around and we were certainly willing to step up big for these titles, for obvious reasons," he said.

Mitchell Brothers general manager Jeff Armstrong said HotMovies was the obvious choice to carry Mitchell Bros. titles.

"After exhaustive research and a million calls, we have found our perfect partner," Armstrong said. "HotMovies is a first-class organization, recommended by all the people I trust. We have absolute confidence in their ability to deliver and promote the movies in just the right way. It’s a happy day. I know that legions of fans, some waiting a long, long time for these great movies to become more accessible, will now be watching on"

Cybert said HotMovies will roll out the movies one at a time over the next five weeks, beginning with the launch of Behind the Green Door this weekend.

"Get your popcorn and your lubricant ready," he said. "Just don’t use them at the same time."

For further information contact HotMovies at (800) 611-MOVIE.