HotMovies Gets Bobbitt VOD Exclusive and Paradise Visuals have teamed to present the VOD debut of the notorious John Wayne Bobbitt  porn features John Wayne Bobbitt Uncut and Frankenpenis.

The exclusive 30-day VOD engagement is timed to capitalize on Bobbitt's Celebrity Boxing bout this Saturday, Nov. 15 with Howard Stern Show personality Rev. Bob Levy.

"We're excited to bring these modern classics to," said director of marketing and development James Cybert. "John Bobbitt's mangled member is well worth the price of admission."

Bobbitt achieved instant tabloid infamy in the '90s after his wife cut off his penis while he slept. Bobbitt's member eventually reattached by surgeons, and he capitalized on the scandal by making his XXX debut in Uncut. Directed by Ron Jeremy, the movie featured cameos from Motley Crue's Vince Neil and Motorhead's Lemmy and won AVN Awards for Top-Selling and Top-Renting Release in 1995.

Looking to build on the success of Uncut, Bobbitt underwent a controversial procedure to enlarge his penis. This highly publicized stunt led to the sequel Frankenpenis, which featured an early performance from Tabitha Stevens and a cameo from legendary rapper and future Law And Order SVU star Ice T.

HotMovies predicts Levy will emerge the victor in the boxing match. "Bob's an old HotMovies friend and contributor...he's an unrepentant killer and notorious dirty fighter," Cybert said. "The Rev is gonna take him apart. I just hope Bobbit doesn't lose any more body parts."

Paradise Visuals co-owner Jason Green is betting on Bobbitt.

"I don't know how many people have seen him lately, but John is a monster these days," Paradise Visuals co-owner Jason Green told AVN. "He's going to kill Levy, which is funny because Bob was in our AEE booth taking pictures with John last year. Who knew they'd end up fighting?"

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