Partners with Cezar Capone for VOD

PHILADELPHIA - Video-on-demand provider has inked a deal with Cezar Capone to add its burgeoning adult cinema brand to their enormous Internet network.

"We are excited about this deal to offer Cezar Capone movies because it again shows our commitment to giving our customers the highest quality in adult content," said director of business development, James Cybert. "There are very good reasons why these movies are so popular." will offer all of Capone's best-selling titles, including Moose Cock, and Deviant, starring contract player Morgan Dayne. Also available will be the salacious new series of solo, female sequences shot by novice women directors titled My Personal Panties. Additionally, director Emily Rigby debuts in the series.

"Now that we are taking Cezar Capone to video-on-demand, working with was essential," said Howard Levine of Cezar Capone. "It's a partnership between two companies right at the top of their game. We expect this amazing line of movies to do very well on their excellent system."

Debuting last fall, the Cezar Capone brand is the self-styled invention of Miami porn mogul Bill Fisher, best known for his work with Bang Bros. and Club Jenna.

" customers always look for the best movies out there," Cybert explained. "Cezar's movies have a unique, creative style and are undeniably sexy. The first one will go live this week and I know our customers will be watching it."

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