Introduces New Silverlight Player

PHILADELPHIA - Video-on-demand site HotMovies has introduced a bold new tool for customers looking to stay ahead in the digital content revolution.

The new Silverlight player is a cross-browser, cross-platform player from Microsoft that has been completely customized to heighten the video watching experience.

"HotMovies is always striving toward the best user experience," Director of Business Development James Cybert said. "Our new Silverlight player is the next perfect step, especially because it has gained more popularity through NBC's online Olympics coverage and its prominent use with the recent national political conventions."

In addition to a bevy of new playback options, faster load time and flexible window sizing, the state-of-the-art media player incorporates new navigation features, easy bookmarking tools and custom playlist options. 

Users are now able to access movie details and star information for each scene as it plays. Silverlight operates on all browsers for Mac and PC, allowing full access to this new feature no matter your preferred browser/operating system.

"Porn should be easy and fun," Cybert added. "Silverlight reduces buffering, provides easy navigation from scene selections to recommended movies and just looks better than anything tube sites can hope to offer."

Users can find more information about the Silverlight player and easily download it from their account section on any of the HotMovies family of video-on-demand sites.

For additional information, visit the HotMovies website or contact [email protected].