Hot Video Magazine Launches New Site

PARIS -, the companion website of the 19-year-old magazine of the same name, has been launched.


Hot Video is the first website in France to deal with the current adult industry, said Gerome Lorenzo of


"The editorial plan is to cover the entire world," he said.


Lorenzo said the website has two parts: the free and soft, and the paid and hard.


"The first part, free and soft, gives access to the latest news relating to the whole industry in France, Europe, Asia and, of course, the United States," he said. "It also contains a community website, Hot Family, that offers the possibility to create a Hot World for the ones who want to meet and share their passion for porn online."


The second part, the paid and hard, Lorenzo said, is reserved for those who want to view videos. That part of the site also gives access to all Hot Video and HNN archives, and the X-rated series Q, The Series.


The website will complement the magazine and not compete with it, Lorenzo added.


Hot Video magazine founder Franck Vardon planned the website for some time, but he didn't want to launch it until the right time, "when Web TVs were in general use and part of the everyday life," Lorenzo said.


The development team worked on the concept of for a year. Today, 15 people work on the website, which still has several tools being developed, Lorenzo said.


"We would like the AVN readers to understand that Hot Video, with its magazine and website, is their platform to reach and communicate to other professionals or consumers about their actuality, shootings, DVD releases, business deals," he said. " wants to be AVN's French cousin, [with] a long friendship tie [between] the two publishers - same journey and same difficulties, to try to change the society's view on the porn business."


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