Hot Desert Knights Partners With zBUCKz for Websites

LAS VEGAS - Leading gay bareback production studio Hot Desert Knights announced today that it and zBUCKz have partnered to develop and market a network focusing on specialty niche websites showcasing a library of hardcore and softcore bareback content.


"2008 marks our 10th anniversary," said Bill Gardner, president of Hot Desert Knights. "During the past 10 years, we have concentrated on producing films and photo content. We now have more than 80 films, hundreds of thousands of photos and hundreds of hours of behind-the-scenes footage."


With Hot Desert Knights' expertise being in production, Gardner said, the company has been seeking a partner with experience in building, promoting and aggressively marketing content via professionally designed niche websites.


"In order to build an effective network of websites to properly highlight this content, we needed a company with proven expertise in website design and an impeccable reputation amongst webmasters and affiliates," he said. "We believe we have found these credentials in [Chief Financial Officer] DannyZ and [Chief Executive Officer] CJ of zBUCKz. We look forward to working with them to build the largest-ever network of bareback sites."


"We are delighted to join forces with HDK in this project and know that the combination of HDK content along with our website designs and marketing skills will create a buzz and excitement with consumers all over the world," CJ said. "Whatever the consumers are looking for, they will find it in one or more of the many sites that will make up the HDK network."


"CJ and I have been marketing adult sites and managing affiliate programs for nearly 10 years," DannyZ added. "During the past four years, we have carved out a name for ourselves as the leaders of the gay Asian niche by producing top-quality and original sites with exclusive content, giving superior affiliate webmaster support and creating innovative affiliate tools. Given HDK's excellent reputation and their amazing content, we were very pleased when Bill approached us with the opportunity to partner with them in this venture."


The first Hot Desert Knights sites are scheduled to launch around March 17. 


Hot Desert Knights recently announced that it is working with the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation to provide HIV and STD testing for all models and will serosort accordingly. 


"HDK, by testing and serosorting their models, have truly shown that they care about the health and safety of the models," DannyZ said. "We wholeheartedly support their stand and encourage all gay production companies to follow their lead."