Hosting, The Right Way

RightHosting might be the new kid on the block, but the leaders behind the hosting company are no strangers to the adult Internet business. With Ycaza Thrush leading the way, Righthosting was formed by several industry veterans who come from the hosting, payment processing, encoding and live broadcast segments of the industry.

"While the owners of other companies are well known within the industry already, our focus is to pool the knowledge and relationships of all involved to build a new company with the strength and experience to provide the best hosting facilities available at prices that make our clients very happy," explained Mitch Farber, of RightHosting and NetBilling.

Preparation to open RightHosting had been in the works for quite some time before the company officially "opened the doors" this past January, making the announcement in Las Vegas at Internext. RightHosting's first client went live within three days of the announcement, Farber said, and RightHosting has been taking on clients at a rapid pace since then, with surprising success.

The main data center for RightHosting is located in downtown Los Angeles, and the company offers a variety of services, including applications, security services, storage and backup, managed dedicated switches and more. They are also introducing an exclusive service known as a distributed mirror network, which goes far beyond what CDN offers.

The focus of RightHosting is to bring high-speed, high-availability managed services to clients, while specializing in streaming and content delivery. Dedicated servers, managed servers, fully managed site hosting, database delivery, replication, site optimization, and clustered and load-balanced environments represent a small part of the company leaders' expertise.

"RightHosting is a full-service Web hosting company offering SEO multiple Class C hosting, completely managed services within including script installations and management, programming, database installs and management, and advanced streaming capabilities with no buffering and no progressive downloading," Farber said. "We also offer CDN services with less than 24-hour provisioning, where most CDN services can often take 30 to 60 days to provision. Because of our unique spectrum of ownership and extended partnerships, we are able to offer discounts on complementary services such as video encoding and transaction processing, SSL certificates and much more."

Linux, Unix, Windows, C-Panel, DirectAdmin, Nodeworx, Plesk and others are all part of RightHosting's offerings and all meld into the company's monitoring, reporting, ticketing and billing systems. RightHosting offers a complete array of services to clients, with personal interaction from the customer service staff all the way to the CTO.

While there are other hosting companies that have been on the scene longer than RightHosting, the company's leaders said they decided to start their own after witnessing problems that hit some of their competitors, from technical issues to customer service problems.

"As we have learned from our experience in our other businesses within the adult industry, building relationships with clients is the most important thing, along with providing exceptional customer service," Farber said. "Building trust with your peers leads to opportunities. Many company owners do not understand that and have fallen short with their lack of technical expertise as well. Seeing this happen over the last few years, we decided to start this company utitilizing our knowledge in several aspects of this industry, and combine this to create a very strong group who is ready to serve up a high level of service, at extremely competitive pricing."

But it's not only attitude and personnel that RightHosting's leaders believe set it apart from other hosting companies out there.

"The RightHosting staff excels in finding unique solutions to projects others cannot or will not often try to undertake," Farber said. "We are a different organization, with a unique blend of strengths. Our individual experiences come together to produce a kind of approach that is unlike our competitors. This is true for every single person in our company. If a customer needs immediate turnaround, we believe it can be done and set our goals to accomplish the challenges at hand. We believe this because as individuals we have all achieved this, and as a team it makes performing the unusual and seemingly impossible just a normal day's work."


This article originally appeared in the September 2008 issue of AVN Online magazine. To subscribe, visit