Homegrown Video’s President Spills His Seed

IRVINE, Calif—What kind of kernels of wisdom would a guy who has been in porn for almost 20 years have to share with the world? If you are like Homegrown Video president Farrell Timlake, aka “Tim Lake,” then you’ve seen the business from almost every single vantage point.

As Timlake admits, “I have been everything from the PA on the set that has to pick up the used anal condoms, the talent wearing socks on the chilly set getting paid to have sex with the petulant porn star, to the big time boss of a multimedia company that maintains a legendary brand known worldwide. I have done it all and watched the transformation of the industry from those old brick and mortar days to the online high tech industry we know today.”

To share this experience and stump for Homegrown like a true entrepreneur, he has created www.homegrowngazette.com, a blog-style cornucopia of Homegrown Video trivia, sexy anecdotes, comedic reminiscences, and other arcane and ribald musings.

Homegrown Gazette is the kind of blog that restores faith in adult-themed blogging, packing posts with sex, humor and candor, leaving the spamming and endless repetition to others. Homegrown Video has enjoyed a unique and interesting history, surviving the twists and turns of changes in the adult industry like few other companies; so, there is certainly a story to tell.

Established in 1982, Homegrown Video is the original amateur adult video company. Recognized by Newsweek magazine as the “longest running series in the history of porn”, Homegrown Video continues to thrive online, on cable television, and with wholesale and retail sales of its DVDs worldwide. The exclusive site for Homegrown Video’s library is www.homegrownvideo.com.

Homegrownvideo.com is also where fans of amateur adult content can find all the best Homegrown titles. With daily updates, multiple formats, a fully interactive community, and many other features, Homegrownvideo.com is where to go to get your fix of Homegrown on the web.

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