Holly Randall Teams Up With Brand Danger for HollyRandall.com

LOS ANGELES - Holly Randall has inked an exclusive development deal with Brand Danger for her official website HollyRandall.com, which is set to go live in February.

The daughter of legendary erotic photographer Suze Randall is working with web development company Brand Danger to launch the new site, which will feature her photography and directing.

"I love shooting for Suze.net but as I started branching out from my mother's style, I realized I needed a different medium for posting the content," Randall said. "I've been working with James Willing - owner of Brand Danger - for several years as the webmaster of Suze.net. He and I are close friends and great collaborators so I realized his company would be my best option to develop my site."

Randall has more than 30 original shoots ready for launch and the site will feature a wide array of material, from centerfolds to hardcore boy/girl.

"I hope to go live with at least 50 original sets, including video," she said. "I will also be posting some of my more favorite Suze.net shoots and some MTV style behind-the-scenes documentaries I've been developing with James. This will be entirely separate from Suze's Network."

In addition to exclusive content, the site will feature a Facebook-style user community along with live feeds for weekly live video strips.

For more on Holly Randall and the upcoming site, visit HollyRandall.com and MySpace.com/HollyRandall.