Hoes.com Moves Into Pay-Site-Review Market

SAN DIEGO - Adult-industry directory Hoes has announced its move into the pay-site-review market.

The decision was made to accommodate growing interest in the site's diverse niche-traffic categories, said owner Marc B., who has built a system to automate the management of thousands of affiliate programs and their pay sites.

"Every day, affiliate-program owners and reps would contact me asking how they could get listed on my website," he said. "Sometimes, I would try out a new program, watch the stats for a month and either keep or dump, depending on the results. 

However, that was very time consuming, Marc B. said. 

"What I was missing was the fact that my surfers wanted diversity in their pay-site options, not just a few handpicked sites that I thought were good," he said. "I felt the answer was to list them all and rank them by a review-rating system. In doing so, I feel the surfers get a larger selection and a great tool for finding just the right site to join."

Webmasters also are expected to benefit from the new tool, which offers a set of features for managing sites within a webmaster's affiliate program. Among the features are the ability to instantly update site facts without an approval process, the power to control pricing and offer specials or discounts at any time, and an integrated interface for managing multiple programs and their sites with just one login.

"I wanted webmasters to be a part of this system," Marc B. said. "By allowing webmasters to maintain their own site facts and control pricing options, I'm putting the power in their hands.  If they add a pile of new content during the month, they can instantly update their site's profile to reflect that. This allows them to provide our surfers with accurate, fresh information."