Debuts with New Design on Showcase Friday

CANADA - The fresh, urban adult entertainment network Hip Hop Meets Porn will make its prime-time debut on the Canadian Showcase hit series "Webdreams 3.0" Friday, Sept. 5, at 10 p.m. 

"Webdreams" will focus on owner and producer of Hip Hop Meets Porn, Seven Benefroe, whom they followed and documented for one full year. Many locations were used in filming the show including New York, Miami, Sweden, Amsterdam, Chicago and Los Angeles.

"Honestly, I'm a little nervous about seeing my adult project on television," Benefroe admitted. "I have been analyzing all the segments that were shot and some of them make me excited, while others make me nervous. The show will run two to three times a week for 10 weeks. I'm sure we will get plenty of opinions through email regarding the mixture of underground hip-hop and adult performers. I'm not going to lie; I spent a lot of money on this entire project to have it ready for this prime-time slot."

"Webdreams" offers exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to every inch of the subject's persona and life, including film sets and photos shoots, launch parties and trade shows, rehearsals, screenings, award ceremonies and much more 

"I told my design team to redesign the entire network from the top down," Benefroe added. "Once visitors surf the site they will quickly agree that we are the premier urban adult entertainment for the world. The fresh new design will feature Flash ads, blogs, model and video directories and a fan zone that caters to true adult entertainment and music fans."

The Fan Zone section of the site will not open until late October, but it will be worth every minute, with a few surprises for the loyal people, according to Benefroe.

For more information and schedules, visit the Showcase website.